Since its founding in 1968, Intel Corporation has grown into the world’s largest semiconductor company (based on revenue) establishing a heritage of innovation that continues to expand the reach and promise of computing while advancing the ways people work and live worldwide. The company employs ca. 100.000 people across more than 60 countries.

Intel’s products and technologies are at the heart of computing and communication solutions that have become essential parts of businesses, homes and schools around the world; and are being used to tackle some of the world's most complex problems - in areas that include education, healthcare, economic development, and environmental sustainability. The company’s products include microprocessors, chipsets, other semiconductor products and software which are integral to computers, servers and infrastructure powering the Cloud, as well as consumer electronics, handheld devices and connected intelligent systems that include cars, shopping kiosks and bank ATMs.

Intel’s focus is not solely on the products it delivers. From primary schools to leading universities, Intel is committed to improving the quality of education around the world, which serves as the foundation for future innovation and well-being.
Intel is headquartered in Santa Clara, California (USA). Additional information about the company is available at

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